Webit awards with $1,000,000 the finalists of Founders Games along with Microsoft for Startups

A total of $1 000 000 in awards and funding were received by the six finalists in the largest startup competition in the planet, the Founders Games – part of the Webit.Festival Europe 2019 program.

The amount of this year’s prize pool is unprecedented worldwide. The competition included 200 startups that were hand-picked from over 4000 applications from all over the world. A total of 1500 startups were given the opportunity to attend Webit.Festival and meet top investors.

All six Founders Games finalists received a $120 000 prize from Microsoft, while the winners got the big prize of €250 000. The winner’s investment was provided by the Executive Chairman of Webit.Foundation, Dr. Plamen Russev, the Managing Partner at IBM, Jesus Mantas, the Director for Business Development at TMF Group, Diego Pesciatini, the Founder & CEO of Youplus, Shaukat Shamim, the Chief of Medicine at the Singularity University, Daniel Kraft and the Partner at Lakestar Gilad Novik.

Here is a brief description of the activities of the six finalists:

TestCard is a medtech enterprise that has created a “Postcard” with an embedded, pull-out urine test. Meanwhile, an accompanying mobile app provides an immediate result to give the patient a real time awareness about its health status.

Plant-e produces electricity with living plants. While plants are growing, electricity can directly be generated without harvesting the plant. The technology has been developed into early products for decentralized lighting purposes and sensoring.

Diasyst is delivering solutions to simplify diabetes management based on decades of clinical research and proven approaches at Emory University/Healthcare and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. By streamlining complex workflows for the healthcare team, Diasyst is loved by both patients and care teams, and it produces real outcomes without the need for outsourcing management to expensive third-party solutions.

Bruce makes staffing and recruitment easy. For companies we provide a cost-effective option, delivering intelligent candidate matching, reactivity and screening simplicity. For job seekers we are a platform that fits their needs, mobile and easy to use, helping them to boost their careers.

Tiliter teaches checkouts to recognize products without barcodes. Using artificial intelligence our patented system can detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device. Automating the checkout process, saving customers time, reducing checkout lines, reducing plastic waste and optimizing supermarket efficiency.

The winners from WeFarm are creators of the world’s largest farmer to farmer digital network. The social enterprise that empowers small-scale farmers connect with each other to solve problems, share ideas, and spread innovation. Utilising the latest machine learning technology, WeFarm’s service works both online and over SMS.

Within its two-day program on 14th and 15th of May, Webit welcomed over 15 000 visitors from 120 countries in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Amon them you could find top corporate leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, founders, scientists, representatives of local administrations and medias.

“This is the largest Webit ever in Bulgaria. If the top medias around the world are calling Sofia a Digital Capital, then something is really happening here and it is happening the right way. Webit brings to the economy of Bulgaria over 60 million. This increases the country’s chance to be a local superpower in technology”, said the Executive Chairman of Webit.Foundation, Dr. Plamen Russev.

The 11th successful edition of the festival established Webit’s position as the leading Digital & Tech event in Europe. Next year, Webit.Festival Europe will be held in Valencia, but this does not mean that Webit will leave its home – the Digital Capital Sofia. The event in Bulgaria will be focused at developing the opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Balkans.

Valencia has managed to win the opportunity to host Webit in the competition of 25 other European cities, including Amsterdam, Paris, London, Madrid, Rotterdam, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Budapest and many others.

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