Online Identity, Security and Fraud

Everyone is online, even dogs and cats have their online profiles in Facebook and Twitter. Are these online identities real? Are they protected and safe?

No seriously with the boom of the Internet and the mobile connected devices we are using online identities either real or fake to log in, share data, communicate, buy stuff and make payments.We cannot do without them. No way. It seems that the online identity is becoming our new passport to the world, the digital world.

When we interact with someone online is he real? How can we be sure of that? The implications of establishing a real online identity are many fold.

Now our mobile devices store the online identity. We use the mobile phone in new ways safe log in to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. We use them for e-commerce and payments. We use mobile apps to purchase and pay for products and services. We use them at the bank, at the retailers. Even the money we have is stored in our e-wallet both online and on the smartphone.

We use our funds with an online identity. When someone makes a payment online, the online profile is authenticated and verified. Are personal details safe online? How secure is this? Can someone hack our online identity? How can we protect against fraud? What are the future trends?

Online Identity, Security and Fraud are hot topics at the blue track of the Webit Global Congress.

Tech leaders, influential Founders, CTOs, CIOs of the world’s most innovative companies, disruptive start ups, top talents, and over 400 investors and 300 accredited media will participate.

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