Media trading future trends

Trends in marketing industry are changing with the speed of light and if you want to stay on the market you have to take them in consideration. As we already discussed, RTB changed the world of advertising simply because traditional online display advertising is inefficient anymoreл So let’s now take a look at a few future media trading trends.

Consolidation as a means of accumulation?

Nowadays, if you are a big publisher you would need to work with either Amazon, or Apple, or Google. They have done amazing things for the publishing sector, but at the same time they are dictators and monopolists, and you either find other ways of trading or you find ways of standing up to the dictats. Both require versatility, which smaller publishers are probably better placed to benefit from, strength of market position (not to be lost to competitors), which the mergers are aiming to achieve, and cash investment.

Everything is `APPening online!

This is a progressive trend, that you are not able to stop or take back. The only option is to adapt in order to stay on the market. Various applications, various services. A clear side-effect of this will be a move from device-based apps to web-based apps will lots of content and tools. This way the focus is on end-user satisfaction, so you will just need to invest once to monetize content for numerous platforms.

The rising importance of RTB video

Video advertising is a more than a trend nowadays and when we combine this RTB, we get the rising importance of RTB video. A key driver of brand advertiser application of RTB has been the rising availability of online video advertising via RTB ad exchanges. With this growth, we can expect that more advertisers will plan their online video investments in conjunction with TV advertising and to experiment with “programmatic” TV buying.

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