From PC to mobile – the game changers

In the late afternoon of October 1st, Webit speakers at the Red track, Digital Marketing and Innovation, will discuss Digital Entertainment & Media Stream. Amongst the subtopics you can find ‘Tips and tricks on how to adapt to the disrupted value chain of media production and distribution. Who are the game changers?’. Pretty appropriate for the current situation, isn’t it?

The consumer’s behaviour is rapidly changing, so is the value chain of media production and distribution. Almost half of the video watched today in US is either “time-shifted” (using DVRs or video on demand) or “device-shifted” (from television sets to laptops, tablets, or mobile phones). Music is more digital than ever, with over two-thirds of usage from streaming services, MP3 files, and satellite radio. Mobile phones have overtaken landline voice, even among consumers aged 55 to 64. All of this has happened in the last half century and there is no intention to stop. Do you know another moment in the history with such glamorous changes? These changes in user behavior have and will continue to disrupt existing industry value chains, creating both opportunities and risks for stakeholders.

One of the trends, that is impossible not to be noticed is the device shift – from PC to mobile. In the last six years (from 2008 till now), the usage of mobile devices doubled and accounts for about 45% of all personal computing time. Many companies are aware of what is going on, but still there is a room for improvement.

Another trend easy to notice is the content shift – from general to fragmented. Thanks to all of the search tools, available today, we have access to lots of information, like never before. In order to illustrate this, think about the way mobile phones are used. The number of apps installed (usually for a specific, single purpose) has doubled to over 30 per phone from 2008 to 2012. So, it is obvious that no matter the quantity of information we have, we need more. That is why gradually, the online digital media is replacing the traditional newspapers and magazines, since on the Internet we can find much more points of view on a specific problem.

While reading about the trends, how many companies recall to your mind? Not more than five maybe. Well, these are the game changers. The 6th Webit Global Congress will present to you both the big picture, and the details on the topic, so do not miss this opportunity. Book your tickets with early bird prices now!


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