Social media – as much as possible

Using social media is a requirement in today’s business climate, so it will be one of the focuses on the 6th Webit Global Congress. Sandy Carter, the author of ‘Be Bold!’ and General Manager, IBM Ecosystems and Social Business Evangelism at IBM is one of the lectors who will discuss the topic Social media.

carter_sandy_0A recognized leader in social business, Sandy is responsible for IBM’s worldwide focus on building ecosystems around the core growth areas of social, mobile, cloud, big data and analytics. She is an award-winning author of three books, including best-selling “Get Bold”, and has received numerous social media awards: “Top 10 in Social Media” by Altimeter Group, “Top 50 Social Business Influencers” by Biz Imagined Group (UK), “Brand Leader of the Year” from the World Brand Congress, #1 Social Influencer at 2014 IBM Pulse Cloud conference, and one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology” by CNN Magazine and Fast Company.

Sandy describes herself as a very execution focused person with innovation and creativity driving her focus areas.

The book ‘Get bold!’ offers a systematic approach to creating and implementing an effective and successful social media strategy for your business. Using the author’s “AGENDA” you can boldly take your business forward. What is that agenda?

A – Aligning your goals and culture to be ready to become more engaging and transparent.

G – “Gain Friends through Social Trust” focuses on finding your fans, friends and followers, and forming best friends from your tippers or most influential clients or outside parties.

E – Engage through experiences focuses on how a company can engage its clients and employees and dives into gaming, virtual gifting, location based, mobile, or other stellar experiences to drive that engagement.

N – Network your processes. Since this is about business, figuring out how to add social to your processes is critical.

D – Design for Reputation and Risk Management! This is the #1 areas of focus for the C level — managing the risk of having your brand online

A – Analyze your data! Social analytics are the new black!

You can learn a lot from Sandy Carter about Social and the 6th edition of Webit Global Congress is the perfect moment. Book your tickets with early bird prices now.


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