Storytelling as a lifestyle

In order to capture people’s attention nowadays, we need a good story. Sounds pretty simple, but it is not. Daily an immense quantity of information surrounds us and customers are more picky when it comes to new information. So, without a compelling story, our product, idea, or personal brand, is dead on arrival.

The 6th Webit Global Congress is a gathering point for experts at storytelling and let us present you an expert, who can say that storytelling is a lifestyle for her. Julie Roehm is currently the “Chief Storyteller” and SVP of Marketing for SAP. In this role, Julie and her team are helping to humanize the SAP brand via the stories of their customer’s and their customer’s customers. Her team also has responsibility for the corporate portfolio marketing and strategy, thought leadership as well as services marketing.

Prior to this, Julie owned and ran a marketing and strategy consulting firm, /Meta, LLC for over 5 years. Before that Ms. Roehm was the SVP of Marketing Communications for Wal-Mart Stores which was succeeded by her role as the Group Director of Marketing Communications for DaimlerChrysler which succeeded her various management roles at Ford Motor Co.

The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business bestowed their Distinguished Alumni Award on Julie Roehm in 2006 Julie was awarded the honor of Top 100 Most Influential Women in the Automotive Industry in 2005 and in November of the same year, Chrysler was named Interactive Marketer of the Year by Ad Age, under Julie Roehm’s leadership. Julie has also been awarded Working Mother’s Top 25 Women of 2004.

It is an honour for us to have her as a speaker at the stage of Webit Global Congress as well as listening to a professional storyteller will be a pure pleasure for you. Book your tickets with early bird prices now.


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