Chris Cunningham and the mobile trends

Confident, successful and an energetic sales executive, Chris Cunningham leads appssavvy as CEO. Appssavvy is a mobile advertising technology company, with the simple goal of making advertising better. It focuses on disrupting brand advertising by putting people at the center, using context and timing as the drivers, and closing the gap on understanding intent.

chris_cunningham_largeStarting as a sales/marketing services organization in 2008, appssavvy grows to more than $20M in annual revenue by the end of 2010, reaching profitability. After this success that year, Chris went on to tackle his second major challenge at appssavvy – transforming it into a technology company. Launched in late 2011, appssavvy’s mobile advertising platform is growing faster than the company’s initial business and is empowering brands to reach people, within natural breaks of activities, when they are most receptive, in real-time.

Outside of appssavvy, Chris is a recognized leader in the digital advertising market as a whole. Featured speaker at International CES, IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, dmexco, Web Summit, limited partner in Bowery Capital, member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, regular contribution to CNBC & Bloomberg TV via on-screen appearances, active leader in the IAB, co-chair of IAB Social Media Committee, etc. Named one of the “Most Important People in Mobile Advertising” by Business Insider, Chris is a finalist at Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

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