Ivo Radulovski about "The Experience Web"

Ivo Radulovski is Initiator & Founder of Drupal Bulgaria. Organizer of Drupalcamp Sofia. Speaker. Web Strategy Expert, Entrepreneur and Investor, he is amongst the winners in 
Webit Audience Choice Speakers
and will present “The Experience Web”.

53 123 people voted for 312 candidates – Ivo Radulovski is the winner with 3323 votes. Today we are glad to publish an interview with him about his topic, his vision and the emotion to be a Webit speaker.


Are you excited that you are among the winners at audience award to be on the stage of GWC so 10 000 visitors from EMEA and ASIA will be able to hear your thoughts and you will share your experience with them?

I.R.: I’m really excited about it and can’t await to meet all great innovators in Istanbul. 😉

During the contest they were really big names in the digital and tech industry worldwide so what was the feeling to compete?

I.R.: It was a really though competition indeed, I had to activate many different communities all over to world to support me and still I was falling quite behind. Finally I decided to send out a letter to every personal contact (around 12000 emails) in order to hit the roof. At this point a special “Thanks” to the Drupal community which is known for being one of the strongest tech communities worldwide.

What was your motivation to apply for a speaker at Webit and What are your expectations from the 6th Webit Global Congress?

I.R.: My motivation is to share my experience and story about the development and future of digital trends, simplicity and insights from “being the underdog to achieving great solutions for some of the biggest brands and organisations worldwide”. I share the sentiment that “great innovations are happening when great innovators come together”! I expect to hear interesting insights and to meet like-minded innovators and digital leaders!

We have more than 300 media from all around the world there that are very curious for news and launches so please share with us in before just a part of your topic so to keep it hot.

I.R.: I want to set one foot into the doorstep of the next digital era “The Experience Web”. And yes at Segments we are launching a new Accelerator for growth oriented companies that are willing to shape the future with us, so stay tuned.

Who would you advise to attend Webit Global Congress and why?

I.R.:It is amazing how many great people are attending to this event. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for inspiring good quality content, insights into future digital trends and the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs & digital leaders.

Do you want to hear Ivo Radulovski in personal – hurry up and book your ticket for the front line!



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