Social Data for Content Creation

If done properly, content creation requires from you to commit time, energy, and resources. A Pew survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world.” It is pretty clear that in this digital era we are surrounded by infinite quantity of content so in order to survive on any market, you should create content. You should be creative, to care about your customers and to invest lots of energy.

One of the most powerful tools we can use today for content creation is the social media and all of the data it has. Facebook, Google+, Instagram and so on – all of these are full of data. Here comes the question about data analysis, because in order to create content you should find a way to manage the data. Social data analysis is a style of analysis in which people work in a social, collaborative context to make sense of data.

According to Mashable research, when you run a Google search, you should think about the fact that it’s just one of 2 million that Google will receive in that minute. In the same amount of time, Facebook users post 684 478 pieces of content. Crazier still, online shoppers spend an average of $272,070 every minute. That’s over $391 million every day — quite the chunk of change.

Many social data analysis experts will be at the 6th edition of Global Webit Congress. Since here is not just one simple decision how to analyze data, everything starts with the properly set goals. Book your tickets with early bird prices till the end of August, meet with lots of C-level managers and find your decision.


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