Founders Games is a Huge Success. Over 1600 startups challenge!

We are in the heat of the second round of the Founders Games. The strongly contested second round with the A-selection (Audience Selection) will allow up to 200 startups to get the a share of the 1 million euro grant of the Founders Games at the Global Webit Congress.
The first round was a huge success! More than 1600 startups applied from all over the world and up to 200 will get a free expo table at the Global Webit Congress, a free ticket and grant money to use for advertising. Who are the challengers for the final round? We will know in just a few days.
We are now in the hot and challenging second round of the Founders Games of the Global Webit Congress. The A-Selection (Audience Selection) shall skyrocket five startups, among the three hundred Semi Finalists.
Check out and support your favorite in the categories they compete in:
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