Olly Barnes and the new music platforms

In the beginning it was Winamp, that a few people remember or use today. Now we have Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, etc., etc. Rdio is one of these platforms and Webit will meet you with a passionate music lover, experienced in the digital.

Oliver Barnes is Vice President, Music and Business Development for Rdio. Rdio a music streaming service from the team behind Skype, which is currently live in 60 countries.

Olly BarnesFormerly, Director, Digital Business within Universal Music Group’s Global Digital Business team, Olly was responsible for deal making on behalf of the world’s most valuable music catalog During 2012, also led the formation of a new Universal Music company in Africa called The Kleek – Africa’s first continent wide music streaming service

Previously, founder of the first interactive music format ‘U-MYX’ which signed global partnerships with Warner Music and EMI, won the UK’s largest government R&D Grant in 2006, attracted international sponsorship deals from Burger King, Vodafone, Tic Tacs and more, was loved by hundreds of artists, millions of users and very nearly worked 14 year music career with a proven track record in deal making, creating new music formats and revenue models, raising capital, lobbying government and championing the value of recorded music.

Leon Hill describes Olly as ‘a rare example of what happens when commercial ability and integrity meets head-on with an untempered passion for music’.

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