Ivan Hernandez about the relationship between Change, Disruptive Innovation and Digital Technologies

Former flying trapeze artist turned Business Development, Digital Marketing and Interactive Strategist, Ivan Hernandez is amongst the Webit speakers at 6th Webit Global Congress. He is the Co-Founder of The Digital Loop, a boutique consultancy specializing in digital transformation. Additionally he co-hosts its weekly video series about the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

Today we speak with him about the emotion to be among the winners at Webit Audience Award and the topic he’ll present on the stage.

_ Are you excited that you are among the winners at audience award to be on the stage of GWC so 10 000 visitors from EMEA and ASIA will be able to hear your thoughts and you will share your experience with them?

I am very excited and thankful for the support. I am really looking forward to this fantastic event. I have heard great things about the previous editions of the Webit Congress, so to be there and be able to share my ideas on stage is great.

_ During the contest they were really big names in the digital and tech industry worldwide so what was the feeling to compete?

I must say it was very exciting. Just to be part of the list of potential speakers was a great satisfaction and to actually be part of the top five speakers chosen by the audience means a lot to me.

_ What was your motivation to apply for a speaker at Webit and what are your expectations from the 6th Webit Global Congress?

I have been speaking at different conferences and events across Europe and the reception I’ve gotten from the audience has been extremely positive. So, when I found out about the possibility to apply to present at Webit, I jumped right away at the opportunity.

Regarding my expectations, I really look forward to amazing presentations and to having the opportunity to meet and connect with great people. This is what I believe makes this type of events a remarkable experience.

_ We have more than 300 media from all around the world there that are very curious for news and launches so please share with us in before just a part of your topic so to keep it hot..:)

Well, in my presentation I explore the relationship between change, disruptive innovation and digital technologies. I will share couple of great examples of companies that are thriving in this new digital age, and share some ideas on how organizations can begin their digital transformation. I really look forward to share these ideas on stage.

_ Who would you advise to attend Webit Global Congress and why?

What I have been telling my friends is that Webit is the type of event that brings together business leaders from all over the world, so if you are doing something valuable and you are the type of person who is open to connect, exchange ideas and to build relationships with some of the most important people in the digital and tech industry, the Webit Global Congress is the place to be.

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