Igor Beuker: "What Webit has achieved is phenomenal in my eyes"

Igor Beuker is one of Europe’s most wanted professional speakers, valued as one of the leading independent and outspoken voices on emerging trends, brands, marketing, media and disruptive innovations. Igor delivered 412 keynote speeches in 42 countries and fired up events like Google Zeitgeist, IAA, Ad Tech, Social Media World Forum, Social Marketers Summit, IAB Europe and WPP Stream. Audiences around the globe have rated Igor’s stories as thought provoking, refreshing and inspiring: “the true rockstar of pro speakers”.

Today we’re speaking with him about the emotion to apply for a Webit speaker, to be amongst the Audience winner and what could we expect from him on the stage of Webit.

– Are you excited that you are among the winners at audience award to be on the stage of GWC so 10 000 visitors from EMEA and ASIA will be able to hear your thoughts and you will share your experience with them?

Very excited since I feel that Webit is a true power brand in events. I’d like to compare it to playing Champions League. And being elected in a contest by the audience is an extra ‘kick’ indeed.

– During the contest they were really big names in the digital and tech industry worldwide so what was the feeling to compete?

Really big names, so I felt very happy and a bit proud. However, I’ve been pro speaker for 12 years and have been doing 412 keynotes around the world so far at many great events. But not on Webit yet. So trust me, I was highly motivated to be part of your line-up 😉

– What was your motivation to apply for a speaker at Webit and What are your expectations from the 6th Webit Global Congress?

What Webite has achieved is phenomenal in my eyes. It was a bucket list thing. I needed to speak here as well.

– We have more than 300 media from all around the world there that are very curious for news and launches so please share with us in before just a part of your topic so to keep it hot..:)

I will give insights into the largest advertising pitch in the world. How the $ 5 billion account global account Unilever was won with big-data, adaptive media modelling and predictive marketing. A scoop to the world with many actionable insights.

– Who would you advise to attend Webit Global Congress and why?

Exponential technologies will disrupt all industries. So I would recommend everybody in the C-level suite to come to Webit.

Hurry up and book your Webit tickets now!



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