Mobile Commerce and Retail Technologies


Mobile innovations are changing and redefining global business. The mobile commerce ecosystem is at the heart of a revolution that is fundamentally changing how retailers and consumer engage with one another.

Unfortunately, very few truly understand the mobile commerce model. The massive volume of information and the rapid pace of change are making it difficult even for the top companies. Still there are businesses that understand it and they are the people designing, developing and implementing the innovations that will change consumer/retailer interactions forever.

So, do you and your business understand mobile commerce? Mobile commerce ecosystem is composed of mobile wallets, marketing, shopping, payments, loyalty, services as well as all of the supporting peripheral processes, systems and infrastructure that surround it all. It is more than complex, isn’t it.

Meanwhile, mobile commerce speed report reveals retailers are unprepared for 2014 holiday season. UniteU’s report reveals twenty-two out of twenty-six sites surveyed showed a load time of longer than 13 seconds for the home page over a 3G network connection. Not many customers will wait so long as they can simply switch to another online store.

Mobile commerce and retail technologies will be a strongly discussed topic during Webit. See you there.

Please consider that at that time the Global Webit Congress 2014 is sold out.


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