How to create viral content?

Have you seen Turkish Airlines’ video ad with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi? Sure, you have, since it is a perfect example of what we call viral content. It is what every marketer wants to create, simply because it makes companies grow. It can be a video, an article, even a picture, etc. It is not that easy though, to create this contagious content, so what is the secret?

There is a science about creating viral or near viral content and you can use it. Successful viral content must “draw in an audience quickly and make them understand what the content is about before they lose interest“, as well as to “engage them emotionally and give them a reason to share the content.” No exact formula exists, but there are plenty of advice that marketers give from their experience

Remember that positive content is more viral than negative content. No matter that TV news start with the negative moments, do not get the wrong impression. Customers are looking for positive videos and pictures. Another thing is that practically useful content is being shared, so companies should pay attention on what they offer to customers. Creating viral content lays on knowing the target audience and their habits. So take the time to really understand these. Last, but not least multiple ideas should be tested.

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