Digital Transformation

The digital era we are living in is challenging for a few main reasons – a lot of information, lots of tools and endless opportunities. Challenges come from the fact that in most cases you don’t have the control, so staying ahead of the digital marketing game can be difficult. More and more of your customers are online looking for brands and products to fill their needs on social media. It can be true that digital marketing strategy is time-consuming and expensive, but in order to stay on the market and people to know you, your business needs this strategy. So here are 5 digital tools every (digital) business should have:

  • Engaging Website – Online experience starts from the company’s website. This is how current and potential customers are going to find and connect with your business. Make sure that you build a site that is optimized for success. WordPress is the universal tool that can help you and will let to customize the service to suit your needs.
  • Hootsuite (or Social Media) – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., etc. True social media madness. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts by cross platform message scheduling and extensive data tracking. Analytics across every platform ensures less time managing and more time growing your business.
  • Google Search – Advertising on search results relevant to your product or service is powerful and productive. All you should know is what search terms (keywords) to focus on. Instead of bidding on competitive keywords try to focus on specific phrases or geographies and bid aggressively. What is important is not the numbers of views of your ad, but whether it was shown to the right people.
  • Remarketing Tools – have you ever checked new models of tablets on the Internet and later when you watch a video on YouTube tablet ads start popping out? This is remarketing and it’s happening more and more often. Use remarketing tactics if your product or service has a long buying cycle.
  • Analytics – you own limitless quantity of information and at first, this may scare you. Fortunately, lots of analytics tools exist, so you can transform just data into essential  and useful information.

Everything is changing so quickly and you should stay adequate to the circumstances. CEEDS’15 by Webit will give you new digital ideas and tools, so the event will inspire you to perform even better during the digital transformation. Book your tickets now!



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