Go Viral!

GoViral Academy at CEEDS’15 by Webit shall present you successful tactics how to create viral content and make money from it. Highly sharable content can give your business a lift leading new people back to your site and increasing conversions. Creating a viral video, however, is far from easy. Having a piece of content go viral is like winning the Internet’s version of the lottery. It’s incredibly difficult to achieve and often hard to replicate.

5 qualities are said to be the most important in creating viral video content:

  • Be short and sweet – According to a survey published in The New York Times found more than 19 percent of people had left a video after only 10 seconds. By a minute in, the video had lost 44 percent of viewers.
  • Be upbeat – In order to be sharable, content needs to strike an emotional chord in viewers. The same viewers are more likely to share upbeat content, so if you want your videos to go viral, it’s important to strive for this.
  • Be involved – engaging with your audience builds loyalty and interest in your customers. Create qualitative content and such an approach will provide you with loyal customers.
  • Be informative – have in mind that your audience is always searching for new information so if your video content is interesting and informative, it is also highly sharable. We live in an era of information and everyone wants to learn something they didn’t already know. Any new information is a great tool, use it.
  • Be inspiring – create stories that will inspire your readers/watchers. Audiences love good inspirational stories so the more inspirational your story is, the more your audience will want to share it with their friends.

Creating viral videos is anything but easy — if it was, every business would have a few viral hits. A recent example for a successful vloger (video blogger) that comes from Bulgaria and this is Emil Conrad. Once his videos become viral online hits, Emil published a book that is a blast at the moment. The same way viral video content can bring money to your company. Think in an innovative way and attend CEEDS’15 by Webit for more inspiration and ideas. Book your ticket now.



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