2 billion in online sales for Thanksgiving, Twitter’s new COO and another 20$ million for Palantir

Keeping you in touch with the latest news from tech and business world, these are the stories we want to show you today:


1. With Thanksgiving Day in full swing, many are turning to the internet to get their holiday shopping started. Adobe is tracking e-commerce transactions in real time, and it said that by 5pm Eastern time online retailers had clocked up $1.15 billion in sales, up 13.6% on a year ago.  You can read more about it here.

2. Twitter’s Anthony Noto is getting a hefty stock package worth up to $12 million per year to take on a larger role as Chief Operating Officer of the struggling internet company.  You can read more about it here.

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3. Secretive big data firm Palantir Technologies  raised another 20 million dollars. The $20 million figure is a curiously low amount for a company that led an $880 million round of funding last December, has raised more than $2 billion total, and is said to be valued at $20 billion as a whole. More about it here.

4. Imagine a laptop you don’t need to charge for over a year. This could become reality after engineers from the University of Cambridge have created an ultra low power transistor that can run for a long time without a power source. More about it here.

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5. The founding story of Spectacles — how a small glasses startup that struggled to raise money turned into the future of $25 billion Snapchat. Read more about Erick Miller here



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