Intangible assets – blockchain relation

Do your friends ever talk about blockchain, fintech, transactions, etc.. and you just sit there not knowing what to say? Alexander Shulgin is here to bring some light and educate us on these terms.

Bitcoin, he explains, is not a currency, although we use it like that. It is in fact a decentralized distribution data based technology based on trust, used for transactions, agreements, etc.

Do you believe that blockchain affects only banks and banking institutions? Well, you are wrong.

The first companies to use this technology were not banks, nor are the ones that use it today – companies like Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Exxon Mobile. It will disrupt firstly intellectual property, for example, as well as other intangible assets. Nowadays, a priority of all the businesses is to establish a global database for intangible assets. Without them, businesses cannot do any IoT, anything that is based on blockchain.

It became clear that blockchain and Intangible assets go hand in hand, but they also create a platform for

  • knowledge economy and
  • creative economy

on which every single sector in the future will be based on.

The infographic shows the starts of tomorrow and they are based on patent IP and full copyright.

A case study that Alexander presents can be seen here:

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