1000 free tickets to Webit.Festival for Women in Tech & Politics

Happy Women’s Day!

On a personal note – I am a male feminist.

Since we have founded the non-for-profit Webit.Foundation, Webit’s mission has been improving the state of well-being through empowering entrepreneurship and women in business and politics! I am grateful to all global leaders and friends who support us during the past 11 years!

I cannot be more happy to announce on 8 March 1000 free tickets for women for Europe’s leading Innovation and Tech Forum – Webit.Festival Europe 2019:
– 225 free tickets for women-coders
– 225 free tickets for women-in-tech (general business, innovation)
– 225 tickets for women in academia and research
– 225 tickets for women in politics.

But … we believe communities are build around shared necessities!

Thus we request every woman who takes advantage of this special present to give back as little as 10% of the price of the ticket to the community of Bulgarian disadvantaged women. We shall double on your donation and shall provide free Webit tickets to them.

*you pay only 10% of the ticket price and it goes as donation for tickets for disadvantaged women.

I am proud to share that Webit.Festival is a good example in regards to ratio between female to male speakers. And while we still strive to involve more and more women in business and politics as speakers, I am so grateful to all these global leaders – amazing ladies who have already accepted our invite to join Webit!

Furthermore our 2019 host country Bulgaria (according to official statistics by Eurostat) is the leader in Europe with with 31.02% women in ICT.  The average for EU is almost 2 times less – 16.7%!

Happy Women’s Day and I look forward to see you over 13-15 May in Sofia @ Webit.Festival Europe!

Warm regards,
Plamen Russev



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