Empowering women in Business and Politics to create a future of equal opportunities

If there is one thing that is slowing down or evolution as social species for the last centuries, it is the lack of inclusion and equal opportunities for every person on this planet, no matter of its race, gender or nationality.

Inequality is something that the future generations will most certainly view as a major stain in our history. And it is also something that we need to eradicate, in order to use our full human potential and reach the limits of our capabilities.

Just take the example of the first image of a Black Hole’s event horizon. This amazing accomplishment for humanity would not be possible without the efforts of Katie Bouman – a 29-yeas old postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, who helped develop the code to find the black hole in the haystack of data collected from Event Horizon Telescope.

Imagine how many amazing discoveries we could have if we are able to grant equal opportunities for education and work for every woman on this planet. In fact, many experts believe, that the process of including women on the labor market will be the main driver of economic growth in the years to come.

During the last decade, Webit Foundation has made its efforts to foster this process and not just talk about empowering women in business and politics, but doing so! For the upcoming Webit.Festival Europe, we gave 1000 tickets to women in technological industries.

Of course, this became a catalyst for some backlash towards us. Our Executive Chairman Plamen Russev even received an email, in which he is called a sexist for not providing the same amount of tickets for the event to men in different industries.

Regardless of such views, we are more than confident that or efforts for promoting the role of Women in Tech are a step in the right direction. That is the reason why for the second year in a row Webit.Festival is doing its best to improve the ratio of women to men speakers globally.

According to the annual Global Gender Gap Report of WEF, it will take 108 years to achieve overall gender parity and 202 years to achieve full equality in the workplace. As we can’t just accept such dark predictions for our future, Webit became the platform for discussing the changing role of women in business in politics in a times of dramatic changes, caused by tech advancements in areas, such as AI, Blockchain, Automation and Robotics.

Eurostat’s data analytics show that Bulgaria takes the second place in EU with 49% women managers. We think that this makes Sofia, the Digital Capital, a perfect place for such discussion that would shape the future corporate and government actions towards a future that treat every person as equal.

Come to Webit.Festival Europe and learn about the major steps that world’s policy makers and corporate leaders will need to take to equal opportunities for everyone.

During Innovate! & Plenary Session you will get the chance to listen to top enterprise, science and policy leaders, such as the Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the Airbus Defense and Space CEO Dirk Hoke, the Senior Parther at McKinsey & Co Paul Willmott, The VP of Amazon Web Services Sandy Carter and VP of Amazon Paul Misener, the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel, the Deputy Director-General of World Trade Organization Yonov Frederick Agah and many others.

Here you can see a full list of the confirmed speakers at Webit.Festival, while here you can get all the information you need about the tickets for the event.


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