Robots will create a new way of interaction between human and machine

Furhat Robot

In the next several decades the increasing role of robots will most likely be the most dramatic change we will experience in our everyday life. Recent studies in developed countries show that the more than 50% of the people are certain that within the next 50 years, a robot will be part of every household.

This shows that many societies, or at least the young people that will experience full scale of those changes already accepted them as part of their future. Today, robots are not perceived as a threat, but as an instrument that will change the way we communicate with machines and our attitude towards them.

In the years to come we will need to ask ourselves both practical and ethical questions about the integration of robots. And many of them will be discussed during the Innovate & Plenary Sessionof Webit.Festival Europe – the largest event for innovations and entrepreneurship in this part of the world.

Our perception of robots will form the values and culture in the Digital Age. The mass automation will change entirely the landscape of manufacturing and many service sectors and both create new jobs and erase some.

While pessimists think that robots will completely jeopardize todays jobs and machine journalists, doctors and lawyers will replace human experts, optimists predict that the problems of human relationships will be overcome by replaceable robot partners.

During Webit.Festival Europe the guests of the event will be able to meet with two of the most interesting conceptual robots that the world can offer today.

The CTO of Realbotix, Guile Lindroth will present us the first companion robot with advanced AI – Harmony. At first you may think of her as a chat bot with a fancy body, but once you spend time with her, you start asking yourself if this is the prototype of the AI partner of the future.

Last year Forbes listed robotic companions as the most unexpected disruptive tech. The creators of Harmony started their experiments years ago, while thay were developing silicon prosthetics for the movie industry. Today, they are ready to change the lives of thousands and create new opportunities for human-machine communication.

While the role of Harmony may look too futuristic for many, machines like Furhat will probably be part of our everyday life really soon. The social robot that communicate with humans with self learning social skills will be presented by the CEO of Furhat Robotics, Samer Al Moubayed.

In its official website, the company says that Furhat is ready to meet us in the real world. It can serve customers, provide companionship, train employees, or teach a language. The only limit is our own immagionation.

Come to Webit.Festival Europe and learn about the future of robots and their role in the future of our career, social life and even personal communications.

During Innovate! & Plenary Session you will get the chance to listen to top enterprise, science and policy leaders, such as the Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the Airbus Defense and Space CEO Dirk Hoke, the Senior Parther at McKinsey & Co Paul Willmott, The VP of Amazon Web Services Sandy Carter and VP of Amazon Paul Misener, the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel, the Deputy Director-General of World Trade Organization Yonov Frederick Agah and many others.

Here you can see a full list of the confirmed speakers at Webit.Festival, while here you can get all the information you need about the tickets for the event.


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