Coronavirus: Solution support!

This article will potentially reach out to the entire Webit community around the world. Over 800,000 of the brightest and bravest innovators, digerati, inventors, investors, journalists and policy makers!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a global threat to humankind. The virus spreads with exponential speed and efficiency.

We need a solution and we need it soon!

Webit and our global community is committed to improving the state of today and creating the desirable future together through open innovation.

Our collaborative approach has resulted in establishing a Webit Global Impact Board gathering world’s forward thinkers, government, policy, business and academia leaders, committed to work together on finding solutions for industry and social challenges and supporting our common mission.

Today we reach out to the entire Webit community to unite and to search for a solution for one of the world’s most pressing challenges – the Coronavirus.
We announce the Health Security Global Challenge!

We hope a COVID-19 vaccine and successful treatment are soon to be introduced, but with the support of the Webit global community we would like to address and endorse tech solutions for health safety and security. We also believe there are already many existing solutions and we would like to support them by endorsing, funding and helping them scale.

Webit is already hosting the world’s biggest startup challenge – the Founders Games which attracts over 4500 company applications from all around the world and $1 Million award pool.

Today we announce the Health Security Global Challenge as a tool to search solutions for health safety and security and primary focused today to solutions related to scaling down the outbreak of COVID-19.

There are many ways to get involved. Help us:

1) Please apply for the Global Challenge – searching for global health security & safety tech solutions.
2) Support our efforts and join as a partner – please contact us
3) Fund a prize  (please contact Elina G. –
4). Share this article with your network and community so we may reach out to more global leaders, innovators and solution makers.

It is in times of crises when our shared values are the guiding light and when leadership must be stewardship!

I call the Global Webit Community to unite and send a beam of light and hope to the world because We Are a Solution!

Dr. Plamen Russev
Executive Chairman, Webit Foundation | | LinkedIn | Twitter



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