Global CyberSecurity Alert! How to protect your company?

Global organisations including WHO report a five to tenfold increase in cyber attacks.

70 percent of organisations are seeing the value of increasing their investments in cybersecurity solutions.

Webit as always is on the top of this challenge and providing possible solutions.
Join Webit Virtual Thought Leadership Summit on CYBERSECURITY today!

Over 9,000 attendees have registered already for this Summit making it the world’s biggest industry virtual summit!

Ask your questions to the amazing speakers with #webit over twitter. Book your virtual, seat below! It is complimentary for all Webit community members.

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We shall discuss:
– How to prepare for the new reality
– How  do you make sure that the way your employees working from home do so in a secure manner
– What major changes are possible in the architecture of the internet in the coming years
– Spam and Phishing and malicious websites / targeted attacks – how to prepare your company and your teams

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Webit Virtual SyberTech Week continues with the Leading Media Forum on CyberSecurity. You will hear the voice of leading journalists and their researches and findings.
Be aware of what is really going on in the cyber world and in your computer and phone!



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Have you missed the previous Webit Virtual events?
The time capsule of Webit Virtual is still open and free to access.

👉 You may watch the past 16 events and programs here.
Speakers include:

– Legendary investor, Tim Draper
– the Father of Internet, Dr. Vint Cerf
– The Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver
– Guy Kawasaki
– the founder of Siri, Adam Cheyer;
– CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CxOs of Mastercard, Samsung, SoftBank, McCann WorldGroup, Verizon, AT&T, …
– Ministers, government institutions and senators;
– Scientists and representatives from UN, the Atlantic Council, UNESCO, the World Federation of Advertisers and NGOs;
– Media, including Business Insider, Washington Post, The Guardian, Fast Company, BBC, Forbes, Al Jazeera, CoinTelegraph; Startup founders who make online pitches and investors who value and vet them live.

Check the upcoming Themed Weeks until August 2020 and join as speaker or Webit Virtual partner.



Next Week 
is the Future of Work and Education week with 3 events as part of it.
Speakers include:
– the founder of Khan Academy – Sal Khan
– the Godmother of the Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki
– journalists from Fast Company, CNN, BuzzFeed.

The Week After 
is the Policy Innovation week with 3 events as part of it.
Guest of Honour is the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research,  Education, Culture and Youth of the European Commission, Ms. Mariya Gabriel.

Special Guests are:
– the European Investment Bank’ Vice President and Member of the Managing Committee Ms. Lilyana Pavlova
– the Executive Editor of Business Insider, Spriha Srivastava
– the The Telegraph & The Independent reporter, Hugo Lowell.

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