FinTech highlights at the summer edition of Webit: save the date, 28 June 2023 and join the global event in Sofia, Bulgaria!

The fast paced development trends in artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing drive also the FinTech growth processes and shape the competitive landscape of finance globally.

The essence of the financial system – the transactions – has been revolutionized by a variety of FinTech solutions. Faster, cheaper and more secure financial operations are enabling customers to conduct business across borders easily. Technologies like payment gateways, digital wallets, fraud detection and prevention tools, compliance and regulatory mechanisms are essential for enabling seamless transactions and providing secure and reliable services to customers.

FinTech products and services like online banking portals, mobile budgeting apps, investment platforms and insurance solutions become more and more consumer-oriented. FinTech has made it possible to access those tools easily and conveniently, enabling consumers to manage their finances effectively. Virtual products and services are accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time, using just a mobile device or a computer and the way we do business has changed forever. It is expected by the financial institutions – banks, insurers, payment providers, etc. – to bring considerable resources to stay on top of the gathering wave of financial industry disruption.

Fibank has launched an innovative program for training, professional orientation and career development in the field of modern technologies. Fibank High Tech Pro is focused on young people with no or little experience, with knowledge and interests in the following areas:

  • software development;
  • communication infrastructure;
  • system administration;
  • information security;
  • digital banking;
  • IT audit.

It is a one-year program in which young people selected for participation will be hired to a position in the bank with a motivating monthly salary and employment time, fully tailored to their individual capabilities and needs. The program aims to offer permanent employment to the most successful candidates. All participants will be trained according to an individual program with a personal mentor who is an experienced and successfully proven expert in the field. In addition to the basic salary, motivational bonuses at each stage of the program are provided.

Join the summer edition of Webit! The attendees will have great opportunities to meet and learn from FinTech experts, to explore innovative solutions provided by our prominent partners and to enjoy the inspiring community of Webit! Secure your spot now!



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