Webit Investment Network (BSE:WIN) announces another investment in achieving UN Goal 2030

WIN became a proud investor in the US based CH4 Global

CH4 Global is a true example of a global impact company solving an existential problem for the human kind.

Due to its structure, methane traps more heat in the atmosphere per molecule than carbon dioxide (CO2), making it 80 times more harmful than CO2 for 20 years after it is released. Cutting methane emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 could help us meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. The patented solution of CH4 Global can contribute directly in reaching 1/3 of this target! Here is why and how:
According to the Global Methane Assessment published in 2021, methane emissions from livestock (including cattle) are the largest sources of agricultural emissions worldwide. A single cow can make up to 120 kg of methane gas per year. Not counting for the emissions of any other livestock, 1.5 billion cattle, raised specifically for meat production worldwide, emit at least 105 billion kg of methane into the atmosphere each year (Our World in Data).

CH4 Global has patented food supplement which not only reduces the Methane from cows by up to 90% but it also increases the meat and milk production by 10-15%. This is the true example of how innovation can save the human kind and touches almost all of the SDGs.

CH4 Global’s current funding round will help the company to scale it’s production capacity to mass-production levels. The round was co-lead by DCVC’s Zachary Bogue, cDCVC Bio’s current funding John Hamer and Donald Thompson’ (past president and chief executive of McDonald’s Corporation) Cleveland Avenue

We are receiving massive interest from governments, food producers and farmers of all sizes, fueling our sense of urgency that we must act now to avoid a climate tipping point. The pressure is on with new regulations and the desire to produce at a measurably lower impact. The Series B funding is a key step to make this a reality.” said Steve Meller, PhD, co-founder and CEO, CH4 Global.

We are excited to join CH 4Global and the top list of investors in the company as we see the true impact its patented solutions will have on the lives of billions of people. We have seen the farmers of Ireland rioting the streets of the country, after the government’s proposals to cull almost 200,000 dairy cows over the next three years (over 15% of all dairy cows in Ireland) for reducing its methane footprint and complying with European Commission.” said Dr. Plamen Russev, executive board member of Webit Investment Network and founding chairman of Webit.Foundation „This is not needed anymore with the existence of the CH4 Global patented solution. It is not only providing solutions for the climate, but also for saving hundreds of millions of farmers and their livelihood which makes it one of the world’s most important inventions in terms of both social and environmental impact”, said Dr. Russev.

The commercialisation of the CH4 Global patented solutions is already a fact as on September 26, 2023 the multinational conglomerate Lotte International announced strategic partnershipwith the company aiming to bring Methane Tamer™, CH 4Global’ eminent enteric methane-reduction technology, to South Korea. CH4 Global and Lotte International are currently advancing studies for regulatory approval in South Korea in consultation with the government. The partnership includes the initial supply to the Lotte-owned Australian feedlot, Sandalwood, for up to seven thousand head of cattle, primarily Wagyu Beef. As CH4 Global’s exclusive partner in South Korea, Lotte will provide up to four million cattle with the enteric methane-reducing feed supplement. The climate impact, from reduced emissions, for four million cattle would be as much as ten million metric tons, or a conservative estimate of seven million metric tons of CO2-e per year (GWP100).

About CH4 Global

CH4 Global, founded in 2018, is on an urgent mission to bend the climate curve, through collaboration with strategic partners worldwide. Led by a world-class team of senior business builders, scientists and entrepreneurs, the company delivers market-disruptive products that enable the food industry value chain to radically reduce GHG emissions. The company’s first innovation, Methane Tamer™ feed additives for feedlot cattle, harnesses the power of Asparagopsis seaweed to reduce enteric methane emissions by up to 90%. CH4 Global is headquartered in Henderson, NV, with current subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand.

About WIN:

Webit Investment Network is a publicly listed company (BSE:WIN) which invests exclusively with the right of first refusal in the finalists of the world’s biggest growth stage programe and competition – The Founders Games by Webit.Foundation. The Founders Games receives annually over 4500 applications (from 150+ countries) from growth stage companies (valuation between $30M and $300M) and by using the collective intelligence of over 300 global growth stage VC investors selects through five competitive rounds up to 10 companies as finalists at a special Gala Awards Ceremony in Davos during the WEF week each year. Based on the terms and rules of the competition, a select number of the finalists get part of the $6M investment award and all of them usually close an investment round of $5M to $50M within 4-5 months after being announced as finalists. The finalists from the past 6 years cumulatively have increased the attracted capital by a multiple of 6.9 times. All of them generate social and environmental change alongside very successful and high growth businesses. WIN is the first publicly listed company of its kind in the world, allowing investors on the stock exchange to be able to invest in some of the fastest growing companies from around the world that not only have a successful business, but also an environmental and social positive footprint. Thus, the company achieves another of its goals – combating the digital divide – by giving people the opportunity to gain financial interest where, before WIN, only large venture capital funds could invest.

CH4Global was among the Founders Games finalists announced during the gala ceremony in Davos and the week of the World Economic Forum in 2023.

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