Big Data analytics is the next frontier for digital knowledge

After a landmark year, in which companies worldwide began to analyze databases of all forms and sizes we can expect systems supporting large volumes of structured and unstructured information to continue rising.

We know well that there is huge amount of valuable information in the corporate world, but there are few companies that are using its full potential. The data that your company already owns can show you a lot about the way your customers are thinking, what do they want and what they are thinking about your brand.

Market already demands platforms and services for data management and security. In the same time we are going to see a lot of tools, that empowers users to analyze that data.

Today Big Data is not something, that only enterprise use. In fact it is a game changer for every industry and is even messing in the political life. As Vice’s Motherboard reported, data analysis from social media is among the key factors for the victory of Donald Trump in the USA presidential elections.

Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people based on their Facebook activity. Five years ago he proved that it is possible to predict user’s skin colour, sexual orientation, political affiliation, intelligence, religion and even alcohol use on the basis of just 68 “likes” in the social media.

This type of analytics can bring enormous benefits for the business because it can be used not only for creation of psychological profiles, but also for searching them around the web.

Expert believe that in 2017 many small and midsize companies will form strategies for taking more of their applications to the cloud and out of the data centers. This will save them costs of investment in equipment and will lead them towards subscribing to services.

Moving data analytics to the cloud will accelerate the process of turning your data into action.

Big Data will help businesses to precisely predict future behaviors and events and improve their profits. This will be a key factor for minimizing revenue risk exposure and improving of operational effectiveness.

If you want to keep up with the hottest trends in the world of data usage and analytics Webit.Festival is the right place for you. During the Big Data & Cloud Summit, you can listen to top level speakers such as the VP for Cloud and Mobile Technology Strategy at IBM Jonas Jacobi and the CTO of Intel Security for EMEA region Raj Samani.


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