Webit.Festival will present to you the digital future of education

Three of the top speakers at the Innovation in Education track of Webit's IoE Summit - Norihisa Wada, Nadine Levitt and Markus Witte.

Technology is rapidly changing the world around us. Many teachers worry that as computers take over most of our daily tasks, there will be no students to teach anymore. But the reality is that education will never disappear, it will just take new forms and will give us the tools we need, so that we can be successful in the society of the future.

Experts predict that one of the main changes to come is the increase in diversity of learning opportunities at different times in different places. This means that in the near future our children will learn the theoretical part of their curriculum outside the classroom, while the practical part will be taught face to face.

This year, Webit.Festival Europe will gather in Sofia Tech Park more than 300 speakers from every corner of the world. Within two days (25th and 26th of April) they will share invaluable experience from the largest enterprises in the digital industry and will explain to more than 5000 attendees from 90+ countries the key factors that will shape our future.

The main theme of the event is re:Inventing Europe’s Future, and what better way to do it, than through quality education and developing the right skill sets for the labour need of tomorrow’s enterprises.

During the Innovation in Education track of the IoE Summit you will get the chance to listen to the Director of Strategic and International Development at Wolfram Research Conrad Wolfram, who will explain how the importance of quantitative understanding for jobs, society and management has exploded over the last few decades. He will also talk about the importance of understanding the changing role of computers and automation of knowledge is crucial.

The CMO of Edulab Norihisa Wada will speak about changing and sustaining learner behavior. Behavior changes are central to all learning conditions. They involve motivating people, increasing their self-efficacy, and altering their intentions, beliefs and desires.

Game mechanics if put to good use are a great way to achieve all these elements. They provide intrinsic motivation, instant feedback and a safe artificial environment to learn. Mr Wada’s presentation will introduce the audience to such “gamify” design and approach trends in learning.

The Opera Singer, Songwriter and CEO of Wurrly Nadine Levitt, will talk about the role technology plays in education, and how such technology can positively impact future learning.

She thinks that educational technology should engage learners and make them participate in and experience the learning processes, just as they no longer consume passively media products.

The CEO of Babbel.com Markus Witte will tell us about the latest trends in languages learning and the changing ways we communicate with each other. In just a few years the market for cloud-based language education has grown into a much-discussed phenomenon and is expected to gross $6 billion by 2021.

Here you can see a full list of the confirmed speakers at Webit.Festival, while here you can get all the information you need about the tickets for the event.


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